Erna Solberg - Norway's Prime Minister has visited HiSF (precisely the Faculty of Engineering ) in Førde at 08.04.2014.

During the presentation, HSiF Rector Erik Kyrkjebø presented the MEDUSA project, its assumptions and scientific objectives.

Participants of the presentation (apart from the employees of the Faculty and Prime Minister), i.a:

Olve Grotle - Førde Mayor,

Bjørn Lødemel – Member of Parliament

Leif Arne Åsen - owner of the largest construction company in the area / Åsen og Øvrelid AS

Frida Melvær - Askvoll Mayor (neighbouring town to Førde)

Asgeir Aase - Head of the energy company / Sogn og Fjordane Energi

Helge Robert Midtbø - Head of the energy company / Sunnfjord Energi

Kidoya Bodil Lunde and Christina Kvamme - representatives of the Førde City Council

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