International Conference on Computer Systems in Medicine and Health - spring 2016

Conference and Training Center ,,CIS’’ in Szczyrk, Poland

May 11-12, 2016

Conference Programme

11th May 2016

12.00 – 12.30              Lunch

13.00 – 13.45              Presentation of Keynote Speaker

13.00 - Overview of tensor methods in image processing and computer vision, Bogusław Cyganek

13.45 – 15.20              SESSION I

13.45 - Medusa project: The objectives and initial results, Konrad Wojciechowski, Bogdan Smołka, Marek Kulbacki, Marcin Fojcik, Paweł Mielnik, Sebastian Hein, Karolina Nurzyńska

14.05 - Coffee break

14.20 - Practical approach to ultrasound synovitis classification, Paweł Mielnik

14.40 - Some challenges in implementation of ICT in medicines, Marcin Fojcik, Joanna Galek 

15.00 - An Algorithm for Joint and Bone Localization in USG Images of Rheumatoid Arthritis, Adam Popowicz

15.30 – 16.50              Gala Dinner

17.00 – 19.15              SESSION II

17.00 - A patch-based region growing segmentation of finger joint synovitis in ultrasound images, Krystian Radlak

17.20 -  Extracting Biomarkers from Dynamic Contrast Enhanced Images, Jakub Nalepa, Michał Kawulok

17.40 - Comparison of three in Silico Models of Heat Transfer in Human Body, Piotr Buliński, Ziemowit Ostrowski, Wojciech Adamczyk

18.00 - Modelling cerebrovascular network and blood microcirculation, Krzysztof Psiuk-Maksymowicz, Marcin Mazur, Damian Borys, Jarosław Śmieja 

18.20 - Coffee break

18.35 - Study and adjustment of dermoscopic image preprocessing algorithms for lesion border detection, Damian Borys, Magdalena Szeremet, Krzysztof Psiuk-Maksymowicz, Ziemowit Ostrowski, Mariusz Frackiewicz

18.55 - Adaptive human skin segmentation in digital images, Jakub Nalepa, Michał Kawulok
19.15 - Pathfinder, Simon Buvarp, Ørjan Malkenes 
19.35 - Rehabilitation with robotic arm, Marius Blom, Børge Godejord, Hans Olav

20.30                           Grill

12th May 2016                  

10.00 – 12.35              SESSION III

10.00 – Automatic search of optimal process configuration with applications to anatomic feature detectors and ultrasound image segmentation,  Artur Bąk

10.20 – Cloud based evaluation system for synovitis estimation methods and modules, Marek Kulbacki

10.40 – Post-processing results of bone and skin detectors for synovitis estimator, Kamil Wereszczynski

11.00 – Evaluation of two methods of segmentation of USG images for synovitis region detection, Kamil Wereszczynski 

11.20 – Coffee break

11.35 – Unsupervised learning of finger joint models from USG images, Jakub Segen

11.55 – Overview of available open source PACS framework, Stanisław Wideł

12.15 – Case study of Orthopedic pre-surgical planning using 3D printed model, Agnieszka Szczęsna, Stanisław Wideł, Andrzej Wideł

12.35 – CFD analysis of blood flow within aorta and its thoracic branches of patient with coarctation of aorta, Marek RojczykZiemowit Ostrowski, Wojciech Adamczyk, Bartłomiej Melka, Dominika Bandoła, Maria Gracka, Artur Knopek, Adam Gołda, Andrzej Nowak
12.55 – Resolving conflicts between human skeleton representation in virtual reality and user's pose, Damian Pęszor

13.30 – 14.30              Lunch